Throttle Back

by techagogy

Throttle back
Take the back seat
Smell the sweaty leather
Lick some salty lips

Close the eyes
Goto here and now
Eat the ice cream
Drink the beer

Kiss your own finger tips
Tickle the back of your hand
Laugh at your own jokes
Walk in warm.sand

Fuck that instant message
Don’t share a thing
Wink at an old woman
Don’t take a photo

Look at the cover of a book
Plan to stare
Don’t answer any why questions
Fart quietly everywhere

Turn you back
Walk away
Close the door
Don’t make hay

Get undressed
Slip into cool sheets
Turn off the lights
Wait for the heat

Find the sweet spot
Caress and sigh
Hit the high note
Sweat and lie

Throttle back the thoughts
Don’t learn something new
Be someone else
Don’t be you

Open the window
Tell the world to fuck off
Remember your naked
Put on some socks

Crack the phone with a hammer
Drink cool beer
Slip gently away
Into some happy near

Don’t come back
Don’t be you
Throttle back
Be something new