The Ipad and the IWB – The giant IPAD.

by techagogy

The motivation for this post was in reponse to a blog item on Nic Peachies blog spot The item was suggesting that the Ipad was going to replace the IWB in the classroom and Nik was suggesting a tool which was effectievly a wireless share of the Ipad on the IWB.

The issue for me here is about the pedagogical use of the IWB, or its lack of use and perhaps the synergy between the IWB and the IPad which suggest a route forward for the “Now” classroom.

IWB – interactive whiteboard which im many institurions should be re-branded as TIWB – Teacher Interactive Whiteboard as often the student is passive in the activity.

So the suggestion that the IPAD would replace the IWB misses the point, it is suggesting that the technology is replaced but the pedagogy remains – perhaps with an added spice of sharing – granted by the teacher.

But I stop for a moment and suggest that there is a developmental relationship between the IWB and the IPAD, that may impact on pedagogy. The IWB is interactive, and its iteraction is upclose and social, the IPAD is up-close and personal. The IWB allows a more kinesthetic social learning in conjunction with the IPAD.

So what is the developmental impact on the IWB, where does it have to go to survive. Well it has to take the interactive ideas of the IPAD and add in the social space that the IWB offers. How will they do this – bu creating an IWB app that allows the IWB to be the IPAD screen, to utilise the interactive space of the IWB, with the interactive tools of the IPAD.

Thus the IWB connects to an IPAD, allowing the IWB screen and the projector to be the interactive space ofthe IPAD, not just a projection of an IPAD but a giant IPAD.

The technology then is seemless between the close up space and the social space.

Perhaps then we may see the pedagogy emerge from the technological noise in the classroom.