Is Apple Now the only logical choice for schools?

by techagogy

As perhaps we have reached the tipping point of technology becoming invisible, I come to the question of where might be the best investment for schools now in terms of technology. In look at the PC and see the advantages of cost in terms of hardware, but see the disadvantages of the cost of software to keep it safe and secure as well as the cost of educational software with perhaps little return on that investment.

I look at school perhaps thinking of a cost effective decision interns of a better proofed investments and I see Apple products as being educationally effective. The product range is well designed, straight forward to use and integrated. This in conjunction with the IBooks authoring tool is perhaps the key to opening the door for that decision to be made.

I think perhaps that the investment in the infrastructure is crucial, and reducing the number of school purchased devices available. These devices could be a small range of IPads and IMac laptops and desk tops. Perhaps one desktop per classroom, 5 laptops and class set of iPads available through the school.

The software investment is much smaller, since much of the software available is either free or a very low cost. This software cost needs to be taken into account. I also think that email should now be ditched as a form of communication in schools, as the maintenance of this is expensive for little educational return.

The other key area is the move to allow students to use their own personal devices in the classroom. This in conjunction with intelligent E-safety could reduce the need for schools to invest in ICT hardware.