Ibooks Author – The final piece of the jigsaw?

by techagogy

Has technology finally reached the tipping point of becoming invisible?

I ask this question in its most positive sense, and comes from the development of a piece of software which perhaps is the final piece of the jigsaw; the start of technology now supporting learning.

I say the final piece not as an end but at beginning, to see the bigger picture, to realise the vision, the technology now becomes invisible and the learning shines through.

We have the mobile tech, the apps – hundreds of varieties and hues. We have the connectivity and the computers, but where was the impact.

We have the Virtual Learning platforms and the social media. It is the Six Million Dollar Man Investment Question – “Steve, we have the technology” to “Steve, we have the pedagogy”.

Perhaps with the addition of the one slither of software we can explode the potential of all this, all that and all the other.

Ibooks 2 could be conduit, the black hole which attracts through is gravitational potential, all the kinetic energy that surrounds and orbits,;combing, chewing and digesting – then releasing, ejecting its product through all types of social media.

Has learning now the potential to become Open Source, through one product that sublimes the notion of technology supporting learning?

Can we realise it or is it just another false dawn of the dead ideal?