IBook2 – THE IExcersiseBook (IEB)

by techagogy

Just had a look at the IBooks author application for the MAC, creating the books for students to read. Yet I am struck by the simplicity of the design and immediately how this could be harnessed as a free quality word processor in the classroom as well as not just creating an Ibook but an IexcesiseBook (IEB).

It already allows a student to configure their IEB, Titles, Chapters, media – it is already half fit for purpose (the other half is the content and its quality).

It also allows the student to integrate their own personal device with this technology. Example: students use their own device to collect images and videos of relevant parts of a lesson, then add this to their handwritten or digital notes to create the next page of their IEB (Using bluetooth to share media)

What does the sharing option add – perhaps group edits of IEBs using drop box – publishing – save and export locally to your own IPAD – Ibook reading device (I am still looking into this).

Homework/projects, create and share your Ibook on a particular topic – focus on the media.

The issue: cost of technology – not all will have access to a MAC – perhaps there is a need to port this software over to other operating system?