The Blog will eat itself.

by techagogy

The title of this blog post changed from “the 18th Century blog'” and was initially around a motivation from listening to the audio book “The Adventure of English, (Melvin Bragg). In this work he mentions the development of the English Novel in the 18th Century, and its key developer – Jane Austin. From “Just a Novel” to a replacing the poem and the pamphlet as the key cultural, political and social tool. This move of the novel was instigated by technology and the production of affordable publications to the public; here the Influence of Jane Austin is depicted as being critical with the expression of clarity of language being important.

So until the development of the internet and Web 2.0, the novel was the key to cultural and social standing. Yet are we now seeing the development of technology through into a new phase, where the Blog replaces the Novel (and here I use Novel to encompass Book). Has the blog now become this cultural, political and social tool and the blogger replacing the term “author.” We can see (hear) this is many media programs e.g. X is a comedian, cook and blogger…”

So who will be the Jane Austin of the Blogosphere?

So initially this is where the post ended, but a further motivation came from the chaining of people’s brains due over exposure of multi-tasking fuelled by online opportunities. Allegedly the brain is being re-wired, to be very short term, with a lack of focus and there is a concern that further technological improvement will be stunted due to a lack of ability to concentrate for more than a minute on one subject. This is perhaps a western view, where we are accustomed to broadband access to all sorts of temptations. Thus will the Blog eat itself, will is disable the technological future. Will we be so re-wired that we are so multi- tasked that nothing gets done?

Will the Blog eat itself?