From Geek to Greek – A rebalanced curriculum for a rebalanced economy.

by techagogy

So Computer Studies is back, but did it ever go away? Are we witnessing the rebalanced economy away from the superficial and consumer to the Geek with Greek? In the past (particularly in the UK) the Geek was derided, downsized and outsourced and perhaps with it went the economy. So with a small step has the deletion of GCSE ICT and the paste of GCSE Computing redressed the curriculum to meet the need to re-address the economy? Are we in a period of significant transition which will revitalise the Engineer, the Geek the technical innovator?

Perhaps we are seeing this on the high street with the carnage of the loss of shops? Are we no moving away from society supporting the needs of the high street to the high street supporting the needs of society?

Can we now look at a future where we are at the centre of the technical innovation – a return to our glorious technical innovate past and to discard the tatters of the superficial, consumerist onlooker.