and Twitter to create an auto schools learning news paper.

by techagogy

Over the past couple of days I have been experimenting with and twitter. What these two products do together is to link in various tweets over the last day from your followers or twitter list and the creates a categorised newspaper, and then tweets that.

I was then thinking about what schools do in terms of communication, and one main aspect of this is the newsletter. This comprises of weekly exciting news from around the learning campus (physical and virtual).

Quite a lot of work for all!

So how could twitter and make this process simpler.

Firstly create a main school twitter account for the school.

Second, get all your learning professionals to create a twitter account for the school – e.g. Mrs Grimshaw Maths. (perhaps give all staff an Ipod touch to twitter from, just connected to the professional account)

Train your teachers on what messages you want to send, emphasise the good news, get them to link to work done by students on the school intranet/VLE/ online learning resources (Youtube etc.). This could also link to E-safety, learning articles, DFES stuff and learning news from a variety of newspapers.

Get all your twitter professional accounts to follow the school.

Create a twitter list with all the learning professionals in it.

Create a, which creates a learning paper from the tweets on that twitter list.

Hey presto, an automatic newsletter, with links to the teachers etc.

Thinking about E-Safety, parents and students could follow the professional twitter account, as it relates directly to teaching. The downside is perhaps for HeadTeachers, is that you are giving control of the message to the teacher, without the corporate thinking of the “message”.

It would be interesting to instigate a project in a school to see if this idea was feasible.