Can excessive blogging charge your laptop?

by techagogy

I like to consider myself a social entrepreneur, sharing an idea that someone else could make reality (or to their detriment too much money), mainly because I am too lazy to see it through and not interested in the fiscal outcome.

Here I am blogging excessively, and yet this could charge my computer – or could it?

Taking the example of speed bumps that are connected to generators, how about creating a keyboard that is a generator. Each key has a magnet, and when pressed passes through a coil, producing electricity. This electrical energy could be used to charge the laptop battery, and depending upon the amount of blogging the laptop will last longer between charges.

Indeed from a green perspective it should be a requisite to blog so many words per month, so that there is less demand on electrical supply.

This could also be used to “Jump Start” your laptop when dead, just start blogging!

Those of an entrepreneurial bent may use this idea to their hearts content, although I imagine that someone has already done this!