The 21st Century Learning Environment – a minimalist view

by techagogy

the 21st Century Learning enviroment is here:–

In the Face to Face learning Zone:-

  • An Interactive Whiteboard – just using a basic flip chart to assess students knowledge, and access to the LP, Youtube etc.
  • A teacher PC with bluetooth
  • A Digital camera for the teacher – to take snaps for reflective practice
  • 4 laptops with wireless connection and open office – used for basic use in group learning situations.
  • All students to have their own mobile devices – to capture learning events for reflective practice, bluetooth enabled and
  • A3 paper, marker pens, postits, bluetack – and walls free of posters.
  • A learning platform that offers web 2.0

The dispersed learning zone (individual, home, bus, social)

  • A home PC with bluetooth.
  • Mobile device with bluetooth

What learning technology minimalist knowledge does the teacher need:-

How to take and upload digital photos, how to use the basic features of the interactive whiteboard, how to setup questions and wikis on a learning platform. The pedagogy of co-operation and collaboration, excellent digital literacy.

What learning technology minimalist knowledge does the learner need:-

How to contact their peers, how to create a social learning network, how to search with digital literacy.

From this technology the 21st Century Learning environment can be achieved, even within the current walls of restrictive practice.