Time Gentlepeople Please – The End of Time?

by techagogy

Is our concept of time now out of date?

Why are we obsessed with time, it is after all a human construct (indeed a human construct being a human construct), yet science, history art, all depends upon time.

Yet what else in the universe, in nature understands, perceives time – a rock, a fish, a star – but what they do have in common is Energy.

Our calculations indeed relativity rely on a concept that has no internal natural phenomenology, our problem as humans is that we rely on time, and we do not see the crucial core aspect is Energy.

The issues that get in the way of Energy is the way technology has used our idea of time to store a concept of ourselves as a species who changes over time, not changing due to the interaction of Energy – and I use the capital ( contra ee cummins and pro Heidegger) to emphasise its importance.

How could this idea or getting rid of the concept of time affect us?

Velocity = distance * time. We are obsessed with the concept of time, here we could replace the idea of velocity as relative change from myself to another object. I am travelling faster in relation to another object a stationary tree for example.

What is the effect on relativity when we eliminate the idea of time, is time deluding ourselves, the age of the universe for example.

This leads me to the idea of history and how this should change from rather than a change in time, to an investment in Energy. In fact we can go back in our perception of time by the investment in Energy moving us back through will to the re-creation of ancient Egypt, the destruction of what we have learnt and constructed. Only then will we get a real appreciation of what we fantasies about history. Thus the elimination of time means that we can travel back in out current perception of time travel, changing this to Energy travel. IF we really wanted we could recreate any period in Energy history by the use of Energy to move us to a situation where we imagine we were.

How will this affect us if we remove time from our conscious? How can we change a timetable? and EnergyTable?

It could be useful to think of change in terms of Joules, by doing this we relate our movement, displacement to the our consumption.