E-Learning a Definition?

by techagogy

I am currently working on a school strategy document for E-Learning. My reason for doing this is that I feel that schools need to understand why and where they are using technology for learning and that E-Learning is seen as a part of their delivery rather than a bolt on or addition.

Then I came to the first page, and I needed to define E-Learning, in order that the concept is understood so that the strategy could fit into the definition.

Here is my first draft of a definition of E-Learning:-

E-Learning is the use of technology to support learning, to enhance current pedagogy and to support teachers and learners to create a social network of learning.

E-Learning creates the opportunity for collaborative, co-operative, individual and personalized learning, driven by technology, social interaction and the learning theories of constructivism and social constructivism. E-Learning is there to support pre and post learning situations, but not to interrupt the face to face social learning interaction with the teacher, but to blend learning with collaboration, technology, and the human.

I think that this definition has changed from E-Learning being external and additional, to the integral and essential. To enhance the essential relationship between the learner and the teacher, and to allow these roles to be flexible and interchangeable.

E-Learning provides the opportunity for the teacher to change , to become the learner, leader, partner, friend, ally – human and connected.

Could E-Learning be defined thus :-

E-Learning = Blended Learning + Social Networking + Social Constructionism + Humanism?