Ideas for an Effective Mobile Phone Policy for Schools

by techagogy

There is a conflict in schools between trying to maximise students technology in hand and eliminating the negative disruptive effects of the same technology.

An effective policy called “Flight Mode” could enable this to happen.

Students entering the physical boundary of school (including buses) switch mobile devices to “Flight Mode”

Students are engaged with the reasoning behind the strategy with emphasis on safety and anti-bullying.

Parents are engaged with the strategy and encouraged to view mobile phones as a positive for learning.

Students can register their devices with IT, so their MAC addresses are registered with the system, internet access is then filtered. Phone details are then stored, along with make and device serial number. Information of registration is shared with parents.

Schools recommend a minimum spec of phone – wireless, camera, audio. Students purchase own phone and own contract.

Students using mobile devices as a phone or 3G internet access in school will have their SIM card removed, with this information shared with parents.

Students are encouraged to use the wide range of mobile apps to support their learning and personal management.

Any loss or phone damage is the responsibility of the student.

Thus the policy attempts to maximise the positive and eliminate the negative