Technology and “The Quality of Learning”

by techagogy

From the Ofsted Framework for Inspection 2009 for UK state schools, I find the statement on page 31 on “The Quality of Teaching” very interesting.

It states from it’s “Outline Guidance” that “Inspectors should take into account the extent to which:”

… Appropriate use of new technology maximizes learning…

I find this interesting from the language if “new” and the argument of ignorance is no excuse.

“New” infers not “old” or even “last year” or perhaps with the rapid development of ICT – “last month”. Thus could it be argued that a calculator is old technology whilst an iphone with a calculator on it is “new”.

From the argument that “Ignorance is no excuse”, suggest that if “new” technology is not used appropriately, or indeed not at all, this suggests that the teacher must have a very good knowledge of learning technologies in order to make that critical judgement of its appropriateness.

The inspectors judgement (pg 32) for “Satisfactory” is that “Adequate use is made of a range of resources, including new technology, to support learning”. This judgement of course comes not only from the inspection but also schools monitoring systems and evaluations.

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Therefore a “Satisfactory” teacher has to adequately use “new” technologies to support learning.

Thus this imposes on the professionality of  the teacher to become technologically literate.