Are you a Multi-Blogger?

by techagogy

First what is a multi-blogger and how did I come to this new definition?

This notion came to me whilst investigating the automatic mp3 podcast generator within this wordpress environment. This feature created quite a good audio version of a blog entry, automatically. I then decided to take this idea further into the field of the creative blog. I took the transcript and created an Extranormal video from this script with some action features added. By linking this in with the microblogging feature of twitter linked into Facebook you have a multi blog.

Definition – A Multiblog is a multi-media creative blog which incorporates text, audio and creative online media to enable the same message to be viewed differently. This blog is then enabled by microblogging the link with a short 140 character text.

So what type of blogger are you?

Mono – A single type of blog entry such as text.

Many – Microblogging linking into another longer blog entry.

Multi –  Microblogging linking into other social networks leading to a muti-media creative blog entry.

Download the Blodcast for this blog

Here is the Extracast of this blog