The purpose of a teacher

by techagogy

Whilst on twitter I examined a tweet about “seesmic”, knowing nothing about this I looked at the video and what it had to offer. After wading through the corporate fantasy and marketing illusion they were toting I was struck by the quote from Peter Drucher used by the presenter that:-

“The purpose of a business is to create a customer”

This led me to adapt this phase into..

“The purpose of a teacher is to create a learner”

Further the presenter amplifies the business metaphor within the social media simulation that we are all willing participants in to..

“The purpose of a business is to create a customer who creates a customer for your business”

The next obvious step is to create the social learning metaphor from this into..

“The purpose of a teacher is to create a learner who creates a leaner as a teacher”

Why is this important within the idea of transformation of learning? This statement from business is framing our social simulation, a place where our learners exist, they exist in this networked, technologically driven space, they are constructs of social media. The teacher has to enable this learner to learn in this space, to create the learners to become teachers within that space. These new learners will then be able to create the new learners who will be perhaps in a completely different social simulation.

This transformation of the teacher comes through the technology, to dip into the depth of the social simulation in order to create these learners.