The death of constructivism? – Hail consumeristic learning?

by techagogy

I am getting the feeling in schools that we are moving away from a constructivist patriarchal model of learning delivery towards a consumerist, free market notion of learning. My notion of constructivism comes from the teacher developing the framework to learn with the student working their way around this, yet in classrooms today with the emphasis of Every Child Matters, the students is now opting for their learning, choosing from a free market of learning products. Students are demanding the resources to learn what they want, driven by a grim economic and environmental future.

Where has this come from? Has it come from our failure as the Elders of Society, our abject waste of resources, our binging on hydrocarbons to support our obese thinking and outlook. Have we as the Elders stumbled like saps and drunks out of the tavern of “prosperity” to realise that our pockets are empty and realise that we have wasted our inheritance – sobbing and begging forgiveness from our children, realising that they are only hope? In order to mitigate our failure we have created fantastic new schools, superb new pedagogies and teaching, to ensure that Every Child does Matter. To equip our students with hope through their learning, equivalent to the hapless father forgetting the wedding anniversary and desperate for forgiveness offers the world.

But this is fantastic, students are engaging with their learning, using their consumerist power to demand higher standards. They can see our failure and are demanding justice.