The Perfect Social World – With no Professionals!

by techagogy

As someone involved in the education profession I recently attended some training which highlighted the problems of trying to influence change when viewed as an expert. I am often called in to situations where schools have a technical issue with their Learning Platform. I perform the task of solving their problem, walk away and all are temporarily satisfied. Yet there is no learning going on, just a transaction through performance. After the course I have taken a different route, I try to enable the client to think of reasons why some of the issues cannot be solved independently. That is to say are there individual learning issues that the client has not recognised, by doing this learning can occur and indeed I can still have an expert input but the client sees this as a learning opportunity rather than a quick fix.


Will I be making myself redundant, and if so will this be the ultimate professional accolade, indeed is this the ultimate outcome for all professionals ?

The question arises in the perfect social world there are no professionals!