The Performative Saviour of the Clear Plastic Bag

by techagogy

How have we come to deify the small clear plastic bag, it has become our saviour against all airport evils. I say this from perception of evidence of the magical affect on this bag. Take the example of putting dangerous liquids into this bag, and how they then become mute, their power dissipated by some strange force.

The operatives of airports reply on this secretive device, they become hostile, aggressive without its appearance. We reply on this device to secretly transfer monstrous liquids such as eye cleaner and deadly toothpaste to new heights and new dangers. But we are safe, thanks to the magic of the clear plastic bag.

This bag, where has it come from, the scientists have to answer to its power, it must come from a symbolic deity, a gift from some alive still God.

Hail the plastic bag