From Digital Dust to a Mashable Delight

by techagogy

What are our E-Learning systems for in schools?

Do they promote the active accumulation of Digital Dust – where resources sit in repositories never seeing the energising light of the flat screen?

By defining Learning Platforms as delivery systems we seek to maintain the failed pedagogy of the controlled access to privileged learning.

Thus how do we stop this? – By dumping all the resources created by teachers and making the accessible to learners. Make this resource search-able, ratable and mashable.

Encourage learners to create and share their own learning resources by mashing up currently available learning from the learning repository.

Others can then rate and promote learning which has helped them, just as we do for other forms of media available on the web.

Is there a need for teachers to create resources? Does this not detract from enabling learning to happen?

Where is our Pip from David Lean’s Great Expectations to tear down the dusty edifice of the Havisham?

Our Pip is the creative teacher stepping aside from the chains and binds of outragoeus pedagogy, this is our Great Expectation!


Tearing down the curtains, Pip shows Estella the dust and squalor of the desolate room and they run out into the sunshine to start a new life together