Hail the ICT Code of Practice

by techagogy

In a classic acting of “Death of the Author” by Bartes conflated with two performatives of textual situations within the infinite limits of education, I find myself in  a situation of co-incidence. This co-incidence driven by the listenings of Rhetoric from Itunes U – Daniel Cofeen, ticked my pinkness, based around a text, that of an ICT Code of Practice.

This code of practice has a performance on the metaphor of teacher, it couches its terms in negation, it refers to the reader as “I” – “I will not install software or hardware without permission” etc. The teacher in the final “agreement” to access  the delights of ICT in Education has to sign and date; what has that teacher done? The text may be seen as a protection against a Real, where this “Real” is another symbolic order. A breaking of the “code of conduct” will result in the teacher moving into this new frightening symbolism; of breaking a morality; governed by a new performance as criminal.

The text performs the ascertion of the individual within the abstraction of their symbolic order, they are simulated beings, there is no “Real”, language defines the morality of their behaviour. The code of practice affirms their role, they sign, they become fully integrated, they know their infinite limits.

ICT must also have some power within schools, apart from their contracts, there is not another text that performs such an act. Yet I see this negation as positive as it acts as a referral barrier to another “Real” (Where this “Real” is simulated).

I “Hail” this text as being Hermetic in flight from the deity of simulated morality.

Hail O Code of Practice

Hail O ICT