Nomadic Simulation of Self

by techagogy

In her book Metamorphoses: Towards a theory of becoming, by Rosi Braidotti-two things particularly interested me:

The idea of a personal cartography a “theoretically-based and politically informed reading of the present” with figurations: “materialistic mappings of situations, or embedded and embodied positions”.

Further the cartographic approach is personal with is “the first move towards an account of nomadic subjectivity as ethically accountable and politically empowering.” Also

“A figuration renders our image in terms of decentred and multi-layered vision of the subject as a dynamic and changing entity. The definition of a person’s identity takes place in between nature-technology. male-female. black-white. in the spaces that flow and connect in between. We live in permanent processes of transition, hybridization and nomadisation, and these in-between states and stages defy the established modes of theoretical representation”.

This idea modes into the I Cyborg concept developed by Haraway, but perhaps needs to be expanded away from a hybridized model to a utility model of I Gadget, I Widget, where the cyborg from a media historical position has some concept of determinism, power, ideal. I Gadget, I widget concepts are the disposable, connected, upgradable, memory dependant, configurable social and professional self. There is no hybridisation, that process is complete, we are in the mode of simulation, of pure software constructs, in the game with so many lives left. The corporal materialistic idea from Braidotti, is not physical but virtual, imaged, Wii’d, projected, shared, constructed, fantasised. The simulation we are in has no reference, it refers back to itself, it delves further into and away from the “charm of abstraction” into the desert of the real (Baudrillard).