Furthering the Simulation: Becoming Woman

by techagogy

From “Metamorphoses” by Rosi Braidotti, chapter 2 “Becoming Woman, or sexual difference revisited”.

Connecting with the ideas from feminism about the subjugation from masculine phallocentricism, I was interested in the idea of extending the figuration of my nomadic self for certain male survival for that male to “become woman”. Become woman in the sense to recognise that for many simulated males that this subjugation of masculinity within a tight model of appearance, mode and behaviour is a degrading effect. We, simulated male have been modelled to become a hooded thug in a world that craves new changing solutions rather than phallocentric posturing. Examine the models via the media, the simulated male is rejected, childish, absurd, past a sell by date. The post-modern current simulation requires “woman”, the simulated make must reject, eject, re-cycle, re-boot, send to write-only-memory the phallocentric masculinity, to un-learn the posture, develop a new simulation, to become woman.

Simulated male will have to re-programme their “I Widget/I Gadget” self, to encomass the values, feelings, thoughts, concerns, to seek forgiveness for past foibals, to go through a metamorphoses, to emerge some as butterfiles, some as moths, with a new simulation of evolution in hand to achieve a beautiful transition, to become this totally soft-self of gadget/widget which requires a taking away notions of a democratic, determied self, to engage with the soft-corporate world, current sailing happility towards a feminine future.