Leaders on the point of a nervous breakdown.

by techagogy

I ask this question following the results of the EU elections across Europe and the vote that was received by far right parties. I relate this to ideas around knowledge, power and learning, and the barrier to learning from those who have a deep drive and desire in a particular area. Are these thoughts so strong that they disable the ability to learn? My definition of learning is making knowledge invisible from the conscious by a process of articulation. For example engaging in a discussion or argument, articulating your political and philosophical position. The ability to block the influence of an argument to challenge the position of this learning, to challenge in effect the identify of the possessed of knowledge. I am not positioning myself as to the validity of that knowledge, for in this case is not all knowledge a justified belief? Thus learning, what ever form that learning is, is linked into the history, environment, experience of that person. In some cases it is a fruitless task to engage with those of a different learnt position, for their desire and drive is so strong that they cannot waver, they do not listen, they cannot un-learn. Thus the statement knowledge is power perhaps needs re-thinking. Power is the ability to articulate your learning, the ability to filter knowledge, to block out those ideas and values which form an alternative knowledge that directly offends your self. Those who can articulate better, those whose articulation, political stance and philosophy are re-tuned to enable others to believe are those who have the power, the power to get others to profess their allegiance in whatever form democratic or autocratic.

It could be extrapolated that these people are unable to learn further, their biological intelligence quota filled, or could it be that their desires and drives have blocked their ability to take on other knowledge, to express learning against their self. Is the desire and drive in this case protecting the individual from breakdown, are all leaders on the point of a nervous breakdown?