Reflection upon conflict of positions: Personal Relativity

by techagogy

From the introductory chapter on Action Research and Postmodernism, I was stuck by the impact of reflectivity could have on my perception of reality and how reflective writing plays a part in the personal construction of the reality. In terms of time and how it states that time is in flux and life perception constructed by media, I was reminded by a radio programme yesterday about Einstein and his theory of special relativity, and how a scientific construction of time has changed and how our perception of time appears constant but in reality has an ebb and flow like a tide (The Noontide of Neitzsche?). If I compare the four hours in a morning and four hours in an afternoon, they both have the same scientific quantitative value but my perception is that these two tome scales are different, four hours in a morning is faster than four hours in an afternoon. I define this as being “Personal Relativity”, we are constrained by the Newtonian time, living in the Einstein time in our spacial place in the universe but exist in an individual personal relativity where our perceived time fluxes with place, emotion and experience.

I bring this idea of personal reflexivity into the experience of conflict. Yesterday I had an interesting conflict with another professional who was strongly advocating a particular subjective position. This position was an effective diatribe on my professional position regarding educational technology, on reflection I was enjoying the experience, the personal relativity of time flew by, the opportunity to articulate my position and the use of the theory of invisibility of knowledge demonstrating learning I was able to defend my stance. There was no outcome, I was resigned to the post modern condition of disappointment but did not see this as a failure. I had no emancipatory fantasy of thinking that my defence would inhabit the space of change, I gained the satisfactory Lacanian/Zizek position of pleasure of a learnt ritual, a ritual powered by the knowledge, a ritual of conflict of unresolvable positions.

Thus this flux of time, this ebb and flow of the experience of time bound by the shackles of physics cannot be measured, it is not a quantity, it is personal, individual, relative. I think that those whose afternoon personal relativity flows quickly against my slow drag have a embedded ritual of enjoying that physical time, perhaps related to a learning experience?. Is there a link from the engagement on a subjective position driven by a desire and drive feasting upon my invisible knowledge and the flux of personal relativity? Can this be related to a theory of learning, the faster personal relativity the more engaged the learner is in their knowledge, thus by enabling knowledge to disappear, by imbibing them in the ritual pleasure of defending their position through articulation, the faster personal relativity?