Is Nature Demanding the end of Democracy?

by techagogy

When I say “Is Nature Demanding”, I mean this as the physical natural reaction to our western “democratic” system of consumption of waste, of which I am a fully paid up member. This question arose after listening to “The Story of Philosophy: From Plato to Voltaire and the French Enlightenment (Unabridged)” by Will Durant, where Plato discusses his idea of Utopia and those “Philosopher Kings” who are deemed able to rule. Has our current “democratic” system, or perhaps called “Managed Oligarchy” failed to deliver us the leader to get us out of our mess, to lead us through the painful change process necessary to avoid catastrophe? Some may say that Obama is this leader and is not from the “Managed Oligarchy” class, but there still remains the intense barriers to this change from un-elected, no representative interested parties who refuse to see the wood for the tress and are intent on selling the earth.

Is the Earth now demanding that our western failed democracy be changed to enable our survival? Do we need a new democracy built upon ecoism? Where our leaders are tested against eco standards, by their refusal to “bend their knee” to those oligarchs current running and and encouraging us to ruin the planet.