“I Cyborg”: The lure of Circe

by techagogy

I was listening to an adaptation of The Odyssey, and the part which motivated a reflection was when the crew where lured into the house of the Goddess Circe. Here the men were seduced in by sweet songs and the offerings of food and wine by the beautiful Goddess; then turned into swine for her pleasure. This may seem a simple and perhaps cruel allegory but perhaps my self as “I Cyborg” is trying to lure those into the house of technology, lured by sweet songs, beauty and promise, offering them the sustenance that I provide and then by some magic turning them into a docile beast, creating a zoo of the captured and tamed, re-creating those individuals in my own idealistic form, for my pleasure?

Those entering the house of technology are powerless, the drink upon the magic venom of transformation, they are heroic, Strong, willful but fall easily into the hands of the transformer. My self as “I Cybog” create this house by guile, knowledge and experience, create the delicious and tempting offerings, the promise of the feast to satisfy all. The question is why do I tempt them in? Why would I be so cruel as to transform these heroes into swine?

Do “I Cyborg” then wait for Odysseus, he who has the protection of the flower Moly? Do we all wait for Odysseus?