The “In-Betweener”: I Cyborg

by techagogy

From chapter 3 “Eccentric Subject, impossible object: a postmodern reading of Hannah Cullwick”, (Stonach and Maclure), I was struck by the description of Hannah Cullwick (A Victorian ‘maid of all work’)

can be read as a shape changer and trickster figure: a mistress of disguise, simulation and dissimulation; a boundary dweller who lived, painfully but irresolvable, in between binary opposites (pg59)


I can perhaps relate to my position of “I Cyborg”, where, through reflexive hermeneutic view, see myself as part technology/person, not binary, but an amorphous mass. Part technology in the view that I am sold to the vision, purveyor of its goods, a representative of a living being, a reification of the domain, the domain of technology. And yet as this purveyor I experience the other side, the reluctant user, the user of old technology, those who question its motives, asking of awkward questions. I shape change in the sense of my answers “I understand, I know, I feel”. I experience the binary opposites of Human/Cyborg relationships and change shape but with a desire and drive, to turn others into Cyborgs!


Perhaps those on the other side, those still mainly human should recognise the Cyborg and ask the question “Why?”.