Reflecting on a big picture

by techagogy

With today being quite a hectic and important day, with a ‘sharing experiences meeting’ – the structuring of this meeting led me to think about my journey since starting as E-Learning consultant July 08. There is a big message for me in this and that is that I think that due to the process of deconstructing transformation of learning has enabled me to start to think that I am beginning to understand what learning is. The move from consumer to producer, the need to articulate learning, to make the knowledge disappear from the conscious, these are all starting to make some sort of subjective sense. This is to celebrate, as is the issue that learning is a really difficult process, and that transforming learning is not an easy choice, that the easy thing to do will be to remain the same. Current “learning” is the easy option, reforming is the easy option, and these are the options for the learner and not the provider. If we move to transform learning, we are moving to learning, what is not delivered now is learning, because there is a need to understand what learning is.

Also that in the end when upon reflection, the transformation process has not in current ways of measurement ‘successful’, that this is almost a certainty. It will fail, but we are failing now, we are just measuring for failure, so why measure!