Day Project – making the thing invisible.

by techagogy

From my previous blog about learning being making a thing invisible, I am going to try to engage with the idea that training on thing (Heidegger again) makes it invisible by making it ‘ready to hand’.

Thus rather than relying on my over worked subconscious to do all the work, I will engage my lazy conscious to help out. I will do this by selecting a subject to learn, then actively encourage myself to articulate this internally and externally. 

The subject to learn is from the paper “The Enigma of subjectivity”, from the section “The quest to discover the ‘essence’ of a thing”


(1) Read the article and a have it ready to hand – in a physical rather than Heidiggerian sense

(2) Record on iphone

(3) Engage with self about the meaning of the article, ask self questions

(4) Seek an opportunity with a colleague to discuss.


Therefore through imposed motivation, I may be able to make this section “invisible” – the physical need for the paper disappears. I can articulate and also posit a subjective position. I m not trying to regurgitate the information word for word but to understand, to internalise its essence, make it invisible!