From a World of Individuals to an Individual World.

by techagogy

In the book Thinking Fragments – Jane Flax (ref) quotes from Freud that we have lost our idea of control over the centuries, from the knowledge that we are alone in the faith universe,  the issue of our “descent” (ascent?) from the animal kingdom to the idea that we are not even in control of our own minds, leads me to think how the accumulation of knowledge can be part of a continuous journey of exploration.

Are we  journeying from one network based on patriarchy and faith to another network built on the power of people and technology? Is this transition of ideas, collaboration and learning leading us to a nirvana of self awareness which will ultimately mean the the move from a world of individuals to an individual world? If this is so the powers that will fall by the wayside, state, church, media and business will fight tooth and nail to maintain their positions of power through subversive use of the organic networks that are now developing?

I think that we are seeing the first of this, especially through the viral power of twitter and the use of business to seek product reviews by influential twitters, perhaps we can expect the same from institutions. There may be a situation where we have to think about those who we trust on viral social networks.

This situation maybe akin to the old failed communist states, control through monitoring and disinformation. We are perhaps seeing the start of this by governmental monitoring of all Internet, phone traffic, under various subversive guises of organised crime and terrorism. But perhaps it is sobering to remember that those states that sought to control eventually fell by the hands of the controlled.

Indeed you may think reading this, who is this person writing this and why?